Integrity Market Research (IMR)

Integrity Market Research is an agency providing a complete range of qualitative and quantitative research services. Our quality of services have helped us become one of the leading market research agency across Middle East and North Africa. We conduct market research to meet our client's needs in terms of objectives, time and budget constraints. Our company excels in the services it provides and works with a highly professional and skilled team of experts who focus to complete the required project in record time.

Integrity | Commitment | Passion

Our Research Approach

We offer comprehensive range of quantitative and qualitative approaches, from data-only services to full-service consultancy for successful results and outcomes.

Why to choose Us?

By forging and enhancing long-term partnerships based on creativity, integrity and sector expertise, we always go beyond the limits to find required data.

How it works?

Our team of experts addresses your business requirements and discovers new insights to improve the decision-making through customer research and business intelligence.

Market Research Services Include

Web Based Survey

In-depth survey of existing and new customers for services or products

Employee Feedback

Get comprehensive feedback survey based on employees and customers review

Secondary Survey

Utilizing desk research or published reports, get detailed market research.

Qualitative Survey

Get brand positioning and customer reviews to generate innovative ideas.

Quantitative Survey

Get mathematical figure to utilize the data and create profit generating strategies.

Data Processing

Our company prepares questionnaires before the data can be analyzed and the preparation techniques include editing, coding and optional statistical adjustments

Process of International Market Research


Our experts will meet you to understand the requirements and needs of your business.

Suggestion & Quotation

After assessing your procedures, we offer innovative and result oriented solution for the success of your product and service at an affordable price.


We submit completed evaluation and report on time.