About us

Integrity Market Research (IMR) is a full service market research agency with complete range of qualitative & quantitative research services.

Integrity Market Research operates through our offices in UAE, Egypt, Iraq and Algeria . Our field operations is spread across GCC, Levant (including Iraq) & North African region.

Integrity Market Research provides multiple marketing Research services & Research Consultancy to our clients. We also tailor make research exercises to meet our client’s needs in terms of objectives, time and budget constraints.

We aim high standards and strive to work collaboratively with our teams in order to service our clients effectively and efficiently.

Integrity | Commitment | Passion

Our Philosophy & Mission

Integrity Market Research is dedicated to improve clients understanding of their consumers, customers and competitors to enable them to explore new opportunities through ethical and insightful market research

Vision & Mission

Our Vision : To be a ‘go-to’ agency for all market research needs!

Our Mission : To improve clients understanding of their customers and competitors and deliver superior value by enabling them with ethical, insightful and credible data!

Our Values

Being transparent and conducting ourselves in a manner that is fair and following high standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so.
Doing all that is needed to deliver value to all stakeholders. In the process, being accountable for our own actions and decisions and those of our team
A self-driven enthusiasm that comes from the engagement with the organization that results in achieving corporate goals
Working hand in hand with departments promoting unity and effective collaboration
Timeliness/ Speed:
Promptness in responding to internal and external teams with a sense of responsibility and urgency. Striving to meet deadlines.