Data Collection Agency in Dubai

IMR has a competent and committed staff that brings years of experience and knowledge in data research to deliver insights that help reduce the uncertainty involved in marketing decisions. Our data collection tools provide access to your historical and current survey data. You will receive advanced analysis and reports of product performance, client’s reviews, and sales based on local and international consumer behavior. Our customized intervention, web-based studies, focus groups, desk research, and tele-interviewing make us one of the leading data collection agencies in Dubai. Our methods are sure to fit the unique needs of each business, offering comprehensive solutions that will help you grow and succeed.

Online Data Collections Tools Include

Web Based Survey

If you want to ask sensitive questions and require comprehensive anonymity to increase the level of comfort for the respondent, web-based survey is the best tool. You can easily carry out your marketing research and understand the requirements of your customers. IMR will help you in eliminating logically inconsistent questions and executing contingent questions.

On Site Admiration of Paper Survey

The cost of printing, papers, and postage has increased in the recent years. Due to these factors, many businesses prefer to shift some of the surveys online. You can get on site reviews of your products and services, and some of the target audience is reached via tradition paper survey tools.

Mail Survey

Several organizations and businesses use the tool of mail surveys to measure satisfaction of their customers. These are especially helpful because of comparatively low costs during data collection and ease of administration. It is a good strategy for collecting feedback from targeted respondents who aren’t happy with the services or hold some concerns.


To explore and evaluate assumptions, thinking, attitudes, behavior, and perception of customers towards your products and services, interviews can provide detailed insights. In-depth analysis is obtained with qualitative exploration of client’s perceptions through questionnaires. Obtained data from unstructured or semi-structured interviews can be informative and richer than any other methods.

Focus Groups

We use this tool to conduct qualitative research and collect detailed insights of a certain group of respondents. This marketing research technique is more valuable than individual interviews method, as the selected small group of 6-10 people and their interaction can deliver a unique set of dynamism to the discussion.

Direct Observation

This observational research tool for marketing analysis is a renowned qualitative method of analyzing information received through indirectly or directly watching target audience in planned or natural environment. Social or observational research methods may be conducted covertly or overtly to get the best results.