Data Collection Agency in Dubai

Integrity Market Research (IMR) is an agency that specializes in data collection in UAE, and we work with a goal to help businesses reduce the uncertainty involved in marketing decisions. Our superior data collection tools will provide access to your historical and current survey data while working within data protection regulations. IMR has a competent and committed staff that brings years of experience and knowledge in market research to deliver insights that will help you analyze employee satisfaction and customer feedback information. Our research methods for consumer data collection in Dubai such as customized intervention, web-based studies, focus groups, desk research, and tele-interviewing make us one of the leading data collection agency in the middle east. The research techniques that we undertake is sure to fit the unique needs of your business and ultimately help you grow and succeed.

How Does Data Collection & Analysis Work?


The first step that comes in data collection and analysis work is to decide on an objective. An end-goal helps to know if there is progress within the enterprise.


A business should not be conducting research focusing on metrics where there can be no further improvement. The business lever chosen should provide direction to the project which in turn helps to avoid meaningless data analysis.

Data Collection

Data collected from more diverse sources helps in building better business models and finding more useful insights. Web based Surveys, Mail Survey, Interviews and focus groups are some of the online data collection tools that we include in our market research strategies.

Data Analysis

Analysis of the data should start from refining the data collected. Unwanted information should be weeded out, errors such as spelling mistakes and missing information should be corrected. If these mistakes are not corrected, it will lead wrong results and ultimately mislead the business.