4 Trends in market research industry

Market research industry has been one of the most important indicators of a successful business. A data-driven and research-based venture that works strategically and takes every step after ensuring its functionality is the one that wins the most annual revenue. Customers become easy to convince and competitors are amazed by your performance. However, the market research industry witnesses the ongoing changes. Trends keep updating and there is always something new in the market research domain.

Here we are talking about the top 4 trends in Dubai market research industry that can help you ace your next campaign in 2019.

  1. Involvement of AI and Automation

AI has been around since past two decades but with every passing day, new technology is coming in the market. It has revolutionized the market research industry and is expected to do more. From research question development to data analysis and computation, everything has become digital. Automation has assisted the AI to another level. In future, most of the research; qualitative or quantitative will involve IT to a larger level. The data will be computed automatically and the actual human labor with bid farewell.

  1. Customer Experience and User Experience

Market research revolves around the customers. But the latest trends have increased the value of customers substantially. Businesses which focus on and value user-experience or customer experience are better able to personalize their offer according to their customers’ demands. It enables them design sales and marketing strategies that make customers feel like home and are entirely focused on the customers’ wishes, needs and their solutions. The focus of market research on customer experience has a direct influence on better revenue, increased customer satisfaction and measurable results that help them improve their next market research endeavors.

  1. Estimates and Predictive Analytics

Market researchers in Dubai are focusing more on estimating performance and analytics rather than reporting how a campaign has performed. The quality of results by performance estimates and their impact on future campaigns has made all business run after this fortune telling. Foretelling the scale of sales, marketing campaign performance, a product’s popularity, expected expenses and revenue has revolutionized the research market in Dubai.

  1. Digital Reporting

You know how hard it used to be making reports on the market research results? It has all gone digital now. The parts which were still contingent upon the traditional reporting method have entirely changed in 2018. The reports are made digitally and there are multiple software and web-based platforms available that help you create data dashboards that you can easily share with your clients and end users. The results are presented in such a way that anybody can make sense of the data easily. No more complex and time-consuming reports.