Let us take a look at why customer satisfaction is so important

Customer satisfaction is the marketing term which is used to measure if the products and services sold by the company are meeting the expectation of their customer or not. Only when a business is able to make its customers or clients happy, can it actually expect to scale greater heights of profitability.

  • Indication of re-purchase – either the customer will be making a re-purchase or not is dependent upon the satisfaction level of the customer, it basically acts like a scale where satisfaction level simulates re-purchase. Asking the customer to rate their experience of 1to 10 is the best way to acknowledge that either the customer would purchase again or not. Any of the customer giving 7 or above points would definitely show up for the product and service.
  • Point of differentiation – the marketplace is filled with a lot of competition; businesses are fighting to get customers and customer satisfaction can be seen as the differentiator key over here. The one who managed to get good satisfaction level of customers would definitely be cutting throats of their competition.
  • Reduction in customer churn – a case was conducted back in time which showcased that the price is not the main key behind customers churn; the main reason behind it is – poor quality of the customer service leading a lower level of satisfaction. The good satisfaction level can be used by the business holder to cut down the churn.
  • Reduction in negative comments – a case study shows that unhappy customers share their poor experience to at least 10 to 15 customers. Even there are some customers who even share it with over 20 people. This negative word of mouth can be stopped by serving a better contentment level to the customers.
  • Retaining old customers – Years of the market study says that it is always profitable to retain a customer rather than getting a new one. Hence a good scale of satisfaction level will also be helping in retaining old customers and saving resources. There are even chances that retaining old customers might bring you some new as well.
  • Determine a plan of action - The business owners and marketers can also learn that which changes are required to make in the product and services to get better satisfaction level of customer and attain profits.

By now you already have got an idea about the importance of customer satisfaction. In case you are business holder than the first most concern of yours should be at the happy customers. The thumb rule of a growing business is – happy customers are keys to unlock higher achievements. Therefore you should be focusing at the customer satisfaction level for taking your business to meet next level heights.